VestaPay’s industry-leading solutions help every department within your hospital significantly enhance the patient experience,
while at the same time quickly improving hospital revenue and efficiency.

Solving the patient revenue problem and improving net patient revenue is mission-critical for today’s hospitals. In order to do that, hospitals must have a way to secure 100% of the patient liability, including known and unknown charges, at or before time of service. And they must do this is a way that ensures patient satisfaction is at an optimal level.

VestaPay’s Time of Service (TOS) Patient Revenue solution is the only solution in the healthcare industry that will significantly increase your cash collections, reduce your costs, and make the patient revenue problem a thing of the past. All while ensuring your patients are highly satisfied and their unique needs are addressed as efficiently as possible.

What value does the VestaPay TOS Patient Revenue Solution provide?

1. Improved Patient Communication and Interaction  introducing mobile technology into the care program adds a completely new dimension to achieving improved care and patient satisfaction. Time constraints (i.e., periods when the hospital can capture the patient’s attention) are currently very limited. However, adding texting and chatbot functionality enables your staff to hold the patient’s hand through the complete treatment process.

2. Mobile Patient Self-Registration  the more patients can self-register the greater the efficiency, reduction in time delay, and increased patient access staff capacity. Rather than being stuck in a one-on-one staff to patient engagement, one staff member can support many patients registering simultaneously.

3. Virtual Staff Collaboration (VSC)  At VestaPay, we believe strongly in the value brought about by innovative technology. However, we also stress the importance of retaining the “human element” in all patient encounters. What this translates into is a need for tracking each patient engagement to determine if there are struggles being encountered and then taking steps to engage directly with the patient to assist them in overcoming their struggles. VSC is an all new, patent pending solution that identifies patient struggles and directs your staff when and how to assist. The other side of VSC is also a solution that substantially optimizes your staff’s efficiency.

4. Patient Payment Management and Dynamic Balance Adjusting AutoPay Plan (DBA-APP)  a cornerstone of the VestaPay program is securing 100% of the patient’s known and unknown liabilities at time of service. In order to do this effectively, one needs a new type of auto-pay plan. VestaPay’s DBA-APP represents a completely new approach and major breakthrough to securing all patient liabilities at time of service, even when you can’t know exactly what your patients owe at that time.


VestaPay has helped our hospital generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. All of this was done without lifting a finger.
Greg Carda
CFO, Missouri Delta Medical center
Oakbend has relied on VestaPay to address some of our staffing challenges through the use of Mobile Registration. We were very surprised and excited to see the positive impact to cash collections which occurred as an added benefit.
Jeff Hammel
CFO, Oakbend Medical Center


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