Hospital Connectivity & Service Enhancement

  • Cross Platform Interfacing and Integration
  • Automating Human Behaviors
  • Building Intelligence into EMR Systems
  • Utilizing Robotics to Extend Staff Effectiveness
  • Real-time Switchover to Alternative Eligibility Source (Web/EDI)

Patient Engagement

  • Appointment Management
  • Automated Patient Messaging
  • Virtual Staff Collaboration System (Dashboard for extending hospital-staff patient engagement)
  • Virtual Financial Desk – Staff Specialist Connecting w/ Patients to Assist 
  • Insurance Discovery
  • Order Notification – Patients and Providers
  • Payment Management Across Providers and Platforms
  • Price Transparency Compliance
  • No Surprise Billing Compliance & Monitoring
  • VestaPay’s Identity Verification
  • VestaPay’s Customizable Quality Assurance

Patient Access

  • Mobile / Online / Desktop / Kiosk Patient Registration 
  • Automated Patient and Insurance Data Validation and Correction
  • Patient Drivers License and insurance card scan, image data conversion, extracted data posting and cross-reference validation
  • Eligibility Verification / Benefits Capture
  • Estimate Generation
  • Primary & Secondary Insurance Estimating
  • Electronic Document signing
  • AutoPosting / Uploading (Everything)
  • Securing 100% of Patient Liability at Time-of-Service
  •  (VestaPay secures 100% of PFR not just co-pays)
  • VestaPay’s Dynamic Balance Adjusting AutoPay Plans
  • Automated Cash & Payments Postings-Reconciliations Over Plan Lifespan

ED Patient Management

  • Pre-Arrival Mobile ED Check-in 
  • Pre-Arrival Capturing and Relaying Chief Complaint to ED Clinicians
  • EMTALA Compliance Monitoring and Warning Notifications
  • Patient Treatment Workflow Management
  • Eligibility Verification / Benefits Capture for ED Patients
  • Estimate Generation in ED w/o Disrupting Clinicians
  • Guarantor Identification and Engagement
  • Essential Document signing
  • AutoPosting / Uploading (Everything)
  • Securing 100% of Patient Liability at Time-of-Service in ED